The psychiatric front groups are special interest groups by documentation. To the public they talk on and on about mental health. But in every conference, in their private inner circle publications they speak about and listen to eradication of all boundaries, the destruction of all constitutions and other political matters which spell only ambition for world domination. Their political and organizational infiltration is extensively queer for a lot of headshrinkers. Their interest in easy seizure of people and their conduct in institutions are all at variance with their public facade of “mental health.”

     They have clearly shown that they can get any bill passed in a majority of legislatures. They are at the elbow of major political figures. They dominate the think of armed forces.

     These are interesting boys. Mentally they act as mad as any totalitarianist ever spawned.

     Even in the US civil defense manual, in event of a national disaster, the role assigned to these fellows is “to seize anyone who tries to do anything about it.*

     People in the field of the mind who are really in that field usually talk about cases. You get around Scientology auditors and you hear about cases. You don’t hear about getting publishers and politicians and the military under control. That’s because they belong to a general interest group that does what it says it does, processes and trains people about the mind.

     But the psychiatric front people don’t do what they say they do. They heal no one. And under hysterical duress in the press they repeatedly screamed that their aims were completely incompatible with those of Scientology. So if they didn’t say what their aims were, although Scientology aims are just making people well, one is a bit surprised.

     Why can’t these psychiatric front groups announce their aims in public? You’d know if you read them. And I don’t think the public would appreciate those psychiatric aims. “Us psychiatrists are interested in destroying boundaries and tearing up all constitutions.” Sound kind of funny if they said that in public, wouldn’t it? So they only say it in their private publications.

     Their press and political infiltration is so deep, their influence so wide, their public statements and activities so different than what they print for themselves they fully qualify as a special interest group.

     And when you examine their system of coercion and terrorism and their ceaseless political efforts to expand it, you are looking directly at an intended totalitarianism. What’s worse they even espouse all the prophets of totalitarianism clear back to the Comte de Saint-Simon.

     Sure is ridiculous isn’t it. Sure is. But remember how at first the world laughed at Hitler?

     And George Orwell’s 1984 is based exclusively on what would happen if the headshrinkers took over the world.

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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